Dinning Table Belmont 6S M

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Dinning Table Belmont 6S M

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Dinning Table Belmont 6S M is a showcase of sleek simplicity. Its simple design and clean lines make it a flexible fit for different interior design styles, from urban chic to Scandinavian charm. The lack of marble highlights the table’s craftsmanship, accentuating its structural beauty.

The spacious surface provides ample room for gatherings, family meals, and celebrations. ith the capacity to comfortably seat six, the Holly Dining Table becomes the heart of your home, fostering connections and cherished memories.

This table without marble is made for long-lasting use and has a durable structure that ensures longevity. It turns into more than just a piece of furniture, becoming a focal point that accentuates your dining space and turns fleeting moments into priceless memories.

  • Color : Light Walnut
  • Marble: Imported
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H) : 64 x 36
Dinning Table Belmont 6S M will improve your eating area. It combines contemporary elegance with functional functionality. With this extraordinary addition to your home, redefine your eating experiences, forge enduring relationships, and enjoy the harmony of aesthetics and usefulness. Explore our dinning tables collection today!

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